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CANE -The Future!

This is indeed an exciting time to be involved with CANE. Our committee have been discussing new visions and expansions into new areas to maximise what we can offer the people of North East Sri Lanka. At a time of peace in Jaffna and new growth and confidence within the community, we feel there is no better opportunity to contribute to this than with active involvement and fresh innovative ideas.

Home based Palliative Care/Mobile Hospice provision is happening alongside hospice in-patient care in some divisions around the Hospice. We are working with IMHO (USA), who are funding this venture.

Jaffna Hospice:

Our biggest new venture at present is the hospice for Jaffna. Our committee feels the time is right to help also support the terminal and respite patients whose families may be suffering with poverty and having difficulty caring for their family member. The accompanying feeling of anxiety and especially of pain and the final stages and guilt can be very hard to bear for both family and patient.

Our vision has come into reality with a place for these sick and terminal patients and their families. It recognises that terminal patients need dignity and comfort in the final phase. It offers symptom control and medical input for the patients, a spiritual refuge, a base to come for advice or simply to talk to palliative care staff about fears and anxieties, both for the patients and their families.

In addition it will be a place for respite to give the families a rest for a period while the hospice cares for the patient It will also be a place to offer opportunity for the facilitation of communication of difficult emotions between patient and family members. There will also be ongoing support for the bereaved family and friends. The approach is holistic and encompasses all spiritual beliefs.

The site is quite near the Cancer hospital in Jaffna . It is staffed by trained doctors, nurses, care workers with full administrative support.

We are actively seeking any members of the community here who would be interested in helping us with our work. Essentially the only qualification you need is the desire to help cancer and palliative patients in Sri Lanka. We can discuss the rest!

We would specifically appreciate help from accountants, business men and women, doctors, nurses, palliative care staff and anyone prepared to spent some time volunteering to help in Jaffna or here working alongside the Committee. Sometimes good ideas are all that’s needed to help carry us forward and these would be very welcome.

Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Diagnosis:

It is equally or more important to increase cancer awareness and avoiding developing cancer in the first place. Additionally early diagnosis is necessary to attempt curative treatment, reduce morbidity and improve the quality of life. To achieve this we are doing awareness programmes to help educate the public. We are doing this in the areas closer to our Hospice but we are planning to expand this to other divisions and districts gradually. We require further funding and committed health care workers and members of the public to achieve this.


At this time of new growth and expansion, we encourage you to consider becoming a DONOR of CANE. The cost can be as low as £1 per month or as much as you feel you would like to contribute. We welcome one off donations as well. The committee would be willing to involve you in our activities as much as you wish to be involved, within the charity commission regulations. You will also be at the forefront of ventures we have not even thought of… yet! To become a member please feel free to contact anyone of us on the committee.

Other plans…

The Oncology Unit in Jaffna Cancer Hospital is functional headed by Consultant Oncologists. They and their staff are performing an excellent job under difficult circumstances. They are working closely with us in the community as well as in the residential Hospice

We will continue our support of cancer patients with facilities like transport to the main cancer hospital in Colombo as well as with accommodation costs where necessary.

Since Cane was successfully established in 1993 with the aim of providing assistance to cancer patients financially, medically and supportively it has expanded in members as well as in other ways, including spiritually.

We are indeed fortunate to be seeing a freer Jaffna as more people visit and new business start afresh. Seems to me the time is right for new beginnings and growth. Cane plans to be there during this process, supporting and contributing to the people of Jaffna for a long period to come.


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